3 Tread Welfare Steps

Quality Steps for Cabins and Workspaces

Bulldog Steel Fabrication offers 3 Tread Welfare Steps, which are ideal for cabins and workspaces with inward-opening doors. These steps are manufactured with textured steel treads and removable handrails, making them easy to transport. The steps are painted in standard black colour and come in two different widths of 930mm and 1200mm.

The 3 Tread Welfare Steps are perfect for individuals or companies looking for a safe and reliable solution for accessing cabins or workspaces. They are designed with durability and stability in mind, ensuring that users can ascend or descend with ease. These steps are made with the highest quality materials, which means they are built to last.

Our team at Bulldog Steel Fabrication is committed to providing exceptional service and delivering the best products possible. We take pride in the quality of our work and ensure that our customers are satisfied with every purchase. Whether you’re looking for a single set of steps or require multiple units for your business, our team is here to help.

2 tread welfare/access step with universal platform

Designed for environments where space and safety are paramount, our 2-tread welfare/access steps with a universal platform provide safe and convenient access to toilets and offices. With a width of 1m and height options of 600mm, 700mm, and 800mm, these steps are tailored for diverse applications.

Users benefit from the steps’ interchangeable handrails, which allow access from the left, right, or straight on. While our standard design fits seamlessly into most settings, we cater to unique workspace needs with custom-built options.

Bespoke / Building regs steps

Looking for steps that fit perfectly with your specific needs? We offer bespoke steps that fully comply with building regulations. Whether it’s a unique design, space constraints, or specific safety features, we’ve got you covered. Our steps are not just functional; they’re built to the highest standards, ensuring durability and safety.


With our bespoke service, you get steps tailored for any environment, from offices to toilets. Get the perfect fit for your workspace without compromising on safety or quality.


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