Universal Landing & Stair Assembly: The Industry's Go-To Solution for Versatility and Convenience

When it comes to stair assemblies, we’re not just another option; we’re the industry’s go-to manufacturer. Our Universal Landing & Stair Assembly is crafted to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of hire and sales applications. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all platform; it’s a versatile assembly compatible with our four stairway lengths. These lengths are meticulously designed to accommodate a rise from 2540mm to 3250mm, offering unmatched adaptability for various site conditions.

What sets us apart is our focus on user convenience and adaptability. Our assembly is engineered for seamless integration, whether you’re setting up a temporary construction site or a permanent office cabin. With an emphasis on functionality and practicality, it’s the hassle-free choice that industry professionals turn to for all their stairway needs.

Walkway for Multiple Access: Maximise Utility with Our Industry-Leading Solutions

Accessibility is about more than just getting from point A to point B. That’s why we offer Walkways for Multiple Access, specifically designed to work in harmony with our standard Universal Stairways. This feature opens up multiple points of access, significantly enhancing the utility and efficiency of your setup.

These walkways aren’t just an optional extra; they’re a core component that amplifies the functionality of our stairway systems. Whether you’re overseeing a busy construction site or a complex office cabin layout, our walkways provide the adaptability you need for smooth operations. It’s another example of how we deliver well-rounded, practical solutions tailored to your specific access needs.

Universal Link Assembly: Seamless Connectivity Between Double-Stacked Cabins

Our Universal Link Assembly is designed to revolutionise how you think about cabin-to-cabin access. This feature has a double-link landing, allowing for effortless access between two sets of parallel double-stacked cabins.

The true beauty of this assembly lies in its versatility. The double landing can be configured for right-handed or left-handed setups, offering unparalleled flexibility. As shown in the accompanying image, this feature is a testament to our commitment to creating adaptable, user-friendly solutions.

Whether you’re managing a multi-level construction site or need to link office cabins efficiently, our Universal Link Assembly provides a streamlined, practical solution for all your connectivity needs.

Understanding Our Stairway Dimensions Size Guide

The size guide provided under “Stairway Dimensions” is specifically designed to assist you with our basic construction staircases. These dimensions are ideal for temporary or non-permanent installations where building regulations may not strictly apply. It’s important to note that this guide does not apply to our building regulation staircases, which are engineered to meet specific safety and construction codes.

If you’re looking for staircases that require compliance with building regulations, we offer those as well. These are custom-designed to meet stringent safety standards and are ideal for permanent installations.

For more information on building regulation staircases, please get in touch with our team directly.

Treads Rise (mm) Going (mm) Without Platform Going + 1020mm Platform Going + 1220mm Platform
13 2540mm 3780mm 4800mm 5000mm
14 2900mm 4050mm 5070mm 5270mm
15 3045mm 4320mm 5540mm 5340mm
16 3250mm 4590mm 5610mm 5810mm